Why Sana Costs Less

Our self-funded insurance plans save clients money by cutting out unnecessary expenses included in most traditional plans. 

Tax savings on gross premiums: 2%-6%

Self-funded plans don't have to pay certain federal and state taxes that apply to traditional plans.

Administrative costs savings: 10%

Traditional plans put 20% of your premiums toward administration fees and profit. Sana charges a flat fee that cuts that expense in half. 

Claims management savings: 0%-5%

We closely monitor members for health risks. When we identify a high-risk condition, we pair that member with a case manager to help them stay compliant with their course of treatment and find the best quality, lowest cost providers in their area. This extra effort helps to save you money on claims. 

Underwriting savings: 0%-15%

Sana takes a close look at your group's health conditions when we determine your pricing. This can save a lot of money for certain groups, though savings may vary based on how accurate your current pricing is.

Total average savings: 10%-30%

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (512) 817-3276 or send an email to sales@sanabenefits.com.