How does Sana save so much money?

Sana cuts out unnecessary expenses that bloat your premium prices

Sana uses a partially self-funded insurance model, which saves clients money in a variety of ways:

  • Tax savings (2%-6% saved off gross premiums) - Self-funded plans don't have to pay certain federal and state taxes that apply to traditional plans.
  • Lower administrative costs (10%) - Carriers reserve 20% of insurance premiums for administration fees and profit. Sana charges a flat fee that cuts that expense in half. 
  • Improved claims management (0%-5%) - We closely monitor your member population for health risks. When we identify a high risk condition, we pair that member with a case manager to help them stay compliant with their course of treatment and find the best quality, lowest cost providers in their area.
  • Bespoke underwriting (0%-15%) - We set your pricing after looking closely at your group's health conditions. This can save a lot of money for certain groups, though this varies based on how accurate your current pricing is.

Total savings: 10%-30% vs. traditional plans