Sana Health Plans

Sana health plans look like the plans you're used to. Members have deductibles, coinsurance rates, copays, out-of-pocket max limits, and pharmacy benefits. The difference is that we're able to offer quality benefits at much lower premiums than traditional plans. Discover why we cost less.

We offer six standard plan designs for employers to choose from, ranging from low-cost plans with high deductibles to rich benefit plans with low deductibles. 

Our plans fit into two categories.

PPO Plus: S, P, B, and E plans

PPO Plus HSA: H and HD plans

Sana plans are all-access, which means our members can invite any doctors they choose. We also partner with leading national networks to make sure Sana's members have access to the best care providers nationwide who are already set up to take Sana. 

Our plans allow members to fill prescriptions at all major retail pharmacies through SmithRx.

Have questions or feedback? Our Admin Resource Center is available 24/7. You can also reach our Customer Success Support Team at or (940) 340-4488 Monday through Friday during normal business hours. If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, feel free to reach out to them directly.