Sana health plans

With Sana we have designed our plans to be a balance of quality benefits with controlled costs. 

Sana Health Plans look like the plans you're used to. We use "PPO" plans, meaning members have deductibles, in and out of network coinsurance rates, copays for doctor visits & pharmacy benefits, and out of pocket maximum limits. 

Employers can choose from four standard plan designs, ranging from low cost plans (high deductible) to rich benefit plans (low deductible). 

Sana has partnered with leading national brands to make sure Sana's members have access to the best care providers nationwide.

Members can access Sana's provider network and can pick up prescriptions from all major retail pharmacies through our partner MedTrakRx.

For those customers who want vision and dental benefits, plans are available from Beam Dental,  VSP and Guardian.