Level Funding

Sana plans are self-funded, which is one of the ways we save employers so much money.

Unlike fully-insured plans that charge high monthly premiums, self-funded plans allow employers to only pay for what they use to cover the claims of their employees.

To give employers predictable premium costs and limit their risk, our self-funded plans are paid for through level funding. 

Level Funding

For small and medium businesses on a budget, consistent cash flow is important. With level funding, employers pay fixed monthly contributions whether claims are high or low. This is to prevent big claims from throwing off monthly budgets.

If claims are high, the stop-loss insurance steps in.

If claims are low, the employer will get a rebate check after the end of the plan year. Sana gives 100% of any remaining funds back. We don't take a cut from it like most other traditional carriers.

With level funding, companies can feel confident they won't owe anything more than what they pay in their monthly contributions. At the end of the year, they may get a rebate check, but they won't owe any money.

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