What is a family deductible?


First things first: a deductible is the amount you, as a member, must pay before some of your benefits kick in. With family coverage, Sana Benefits uses an embedded deductible that combines both individual and family deductibles into your policy. This means no single individual on a family plan will have to pay a deductible higher than their individual deductible amount.

For example, consider the Sana A1 plan, which has a $4,000 individual deductible and an $8,000 family deductible. With an embedded deductible, one member of the family meets the deductible once they pay $4,000. If no other members of the family seek care, the $8,000 family deductible does not matter and post-deductible benefits kick in for the family member who spent $4,000.

However, let’s say several different family members have each paid toward their individual deductibles. When the individual amounts are added together, if the total spend reaches at least $8,000, then the family deductible has been met. In this case, post-deductible benefits kick in even if all the family members haven’t reached their individual deductible.