How to nominate my provider

Sana uses an Open Access Network, meaning that we do not restrict which doctors our members are able to see. We understand how important your relationship is with your doctor. If your preferred provider isn’t one of the thousands already included in your coverage, let us know by nominating your provider.

Sometimes a provider will want a contract in place with a patient’s new insurance before continuing to see an existing patient. Our Provider Engagement Director is here to help create new partnerships so you can keep the doctors you currently see.

Here’s how to nominate your provider:

Log in to your Sana Benefits Dashboard at


On the left, you’ll see a menu where you can access account features including the ability to request a provider.


Click on “Request a Provider” to access the form.


Fill out the form with as much information as possible. It also helps to already have an appointment scheduled.

This information goes directly to our Provider Engagement Manager, who will reach out to your provider.

If you have questions about this form or about the status of a requested provider, please email us at