Request a Provider

Sana is an all-access plan, which means you're not bound by a network. You can see any provider you want!

If your preferred provider isn’t one of the thousands already working with Sana, you can request a provider.

You should request a provider when:

  • You want to continue seeing your current doctor, and they aren't already working with Sana.
  • You want to see a new doctor, and they aren't already working with Sana.

For more information on switching a current doctor to Sana, click here

Here's how to request a doctor:

  1. Sign in to your Sana account and click Find a Doctor
  2. See if your provider is already in our system
  3. Next to your search results, you'll see the option to request a provider
  4. Complete our new form
  5. Sana will contact the provider to get them added to Sana
  6. We'll email you once you're all set

Note: It helps our team move things along faster if you already have an appointment scheduled. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (833) 726-2123 or send an email to