90-Day Prescriptions Through Mail-Order & Retail Pharmacies

Sana partners with best-in-class Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) SmithRx to provide pharmacy benefits to our members.

90-Day Mail Order with SmithRx and Serve You DirectRx

Get more for your money without leaving the house by switching to mail-order Rx. Rather than paying full price at your pharmacy, get a 90-day supply of your prescription delivered straight to your door for the cost of a 60-day supply. That’s a 33% savings.

To transfer existing prescriptions from your current pharmacy to 90-day mail-order:

  • Call SmithRx member support at (844)454-5201
  • Email: support@smithrx.com

For new 90-day mail-order prescriptions:

Have your doctor electronically prescribe or fax your prescription to (866) 494-0364.

  • Faxed prescriptions may only be sent by a doctor’s office and must include patient information and diagnosis for timely processing.
  • Your doctor can also call in the prescription at (800) 759-3203 with an IVR (interactive voice recognition) option.
  • For prompt delivery:
    • Please provide your payment information by calling (800) 759-3203. Have your Sana ID card handy. You'll be asked for your prescription benefits information, which you can find on your card under Rx Benefits.
    • You can also fax or mail a completed order form to PO Box 26096, Milwaukee, WI 53226.

90-Day Retail Rx

  • Now you can enjoy the convenience of 90-day prescriptions from your preferred pharmacy!
  • You can still use our mail-order pharmacy partner as a convenient, cost-saving option, but now you can also use your preferred neighborhood pharmacy or options like Amazon Pharmacy, PillPack, or Capsule for 90-day supplies. 
  • Note: Copays for 90-day prescriptions at retail pharmacies are calculated at 3X the 30-day copay rates, not the discounted 90-day mail-order copay. For the discounted copay, you must still use our preferred mail-order pharmacy.


Learn all about your prescription benefits in this 4-minute video!


**Important SmithRx Member Portal Note: We added a 2-digit suffix to Sana's member ID cards in December 2021. If you are creating a new account in the SmithRx Member Portal, please try again without the suffix.

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