Mail-Order Rx

Get more for your money without leaving the house by switching to mail-order Rx. Rather than paying full price at your pharmacy, get a 90 day supply of your prescription delivered straight to your door for the cost of a 60 day supply. That’s a 33% savings.

Sana partners with best-in-class Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) SmithRx to provide great pharmacy benefits to our members. SmithRx uses Serve You DirectRx to manage all mail-order Rx.

To utilize the mail-order pharmacy:

  • Have your doctor electronically prescribe or fax your prescription to (866) 494-0364. Faxed prescriptions may only be sent by a doctor’s office and must include patient information and diagnosis for timely processing.
  • Have your doctor call in the prescription to (800) 759-3203 with an IVR (interactive voice recognition) option.
  • For prompt delivery, please provide your payment information by faxing or mailing in your completed order form to PO Box 26096, Milwaukee, WI 53226 or by calling (800) 759-3203.

Have your Sana ID card handy. You'll be asked for your prescription benefits information, which you can find on your card under Rx Benefits.

SmithRx will help you transfer your medications from your current pharmacy to mail-order.

NEW: 90-Day Retail Rx

  • Now you can enjoy the convenience of 90-day prescriptions from your retail pharmacy!
  • Previously, 90-day prescriptions were only available via our mail-order pharmacy partner.
  • You can still use our mail-order pharmacy partner as a convenient, cost-saving option, but now you can also use your preferred neighborhood pharmacy or options like Amazon Pharmacy, PillPack, or Capsule for 90-day supplies. 
  • Note: Copays for 90-day prescriptions at retail pharmacies are calculated at 3X the 30-day copay rates, not the discounted 90-day mail-order copay. For the discounted copay, you must still use our preferred mail-order pharmacy.

Have additional questions for Sana? You can reach us quickly via chat at Monday through Friday, 7 AM–7 PM CST,  or at or (833) 726-2123.