Regional Coverage

Sana is growing! See below for the coverage we're able to offer today, and check back to see where we're going next.

Employee Location

Sana partners with HealthSmart to ensure that while we grow, we have a large all-access network of providers across the United States that already accepts Sana plans.

Members can also request to add new providers to that network. This means that anyone covered by Sana should be able to see any provider they want nationwide. 

Employer Location

While employees can get great benefits wherever they live and travel across the United States, at this point in time, Sana can only offer coverage to employers with locations in Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Indiana. We'll announce additional states as we continue to grow. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (512) 817-3276 or send an email to