Out-of-Pocket Expense Reimbursement

Need to get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses? Follow these steps.
  1. Ask your provider for an itemized bill, also referred to as a superbill.
  2. Send the bill and proof of payment to hello@sanabenefits.com and be sure to include the following:
  • Patient name
  • Provider name
  • Provider NPI
  • Date(s) of service
  • CPT code(s) and/or revenue code(s)
  • Units for each code
  • Charges for each code
  • Diagnosis code(s) indicating the reason for the visit
Sana will process your claim as soon as we're able to verify the above documentation. Once verified, we'll mail a check to the address on file. This typically only takes 2 weeks but can take up to 8 weeks in some cases. Sana will reimburse out-of-pocket expenses based on the benefits outlined within your Summary Plan Description.
If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (833) 726-2123 or send an email to hello@sanabenefits.com.