Living Your Best Life During a Pandemic

We know that COVID-19 has everyone feeling a little on edge. We want to take this opportunity to remind you that while you might be physically alone right now, you don't have to go it alone. As a Sana member, you have year-round access to a large variety of free and discounted services through our partners – compliments of Sana.



See a doctor without leaving the house.

PlushCare allows you to make appointments with top U.S. medical doctors, and get care and prescriptions – all from your smartphone or computer. PlushCare is also the first virtual primary care provider to offer an FDA-authorized COVID-19 Antibody Test performed via LabCorp and Quest Labs.

$0 appointments for members, spouses, and dependents of Sana A and S plans, and $99 appointments for members, spouses, and dependents of Sana H and HD plans before the deductible.



Get COVID-19 advice.

Maven is a Sana telehealth partner that offers around-the-clock support at every stage of the parenthood journey. Due to increased needs at this time, Maven is now extending services by going beyond fertility, pregnancy, and family health to help address immediate concerns for all members surrounding COVID-19.

Free for all Sana members, spouses, and dependents over 18 with eligible maternity needs. Sana members seeking COVID-19 consultation who aren't eligible for their typical maternity offerings will receive a $70 credit to cover the full cost of their appointment.



Take care of your emotional wellbeing.

Ginger gives you on-demand access to emotional health coaching, video therapy, video psychiatry, and self-guided content clinically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Coaches can help during the COVID-19 crisis by addressing challenges like expectations to work from home while homeschooling children, travel-related anxiety, financial impacts, concern for others, and general anxiety around the virus.

Ginger's app-based emotional health coaching service and self-guided content are free for all Sana members. Clinical services are free for A and S plans and billed toward the deductible for Sana H and HD plans.



Get a personal coach to help you stay healthy.

Vida matches you with a health coach who has proven success in helping people improve nutrition, lose weight, manage depression, and make the kind of lifestyle changes that lead to healthier, happier lives. You may also qualify for a complimentary smart scale, Fitbit, blood sugar meter or blood pressure cuff as part of this program.

Free for all Sana members, spouses, and dependents over 18.



Stay in shape with virtual fitness classes.

ClassPass is bringing the fitness studios to your home with hundreds of classes and sessions designed to help you stay healthy – available at any time through the app.

25 free credits per month for all Sana members and spouses.



Start meditating.

Calm provides you with 100+ guided meditations to help you manage anxiety, lower stress, and sleep better.

Free one year trial for all Sana members.