Updating Insurance with Providers

When you switch to a Sana insurance plan, you have two options for notifying your current providers.

Option 1: White Glove Service

Our Member Advocate team is happy to reach out to every provider in your network and take care of this process for you. Just fill out this form for each provider or email hello@sanabenefits.com with the requested information, and we'll take care of the rest.

Option 2: Contact Individual Providers

You're also welcome to call or email your providers individually to let them know about your new insurance. We recommend you use the following template to get your providers all of the information they'll need.

-----Email Template Below-----

Hello [Provider],

As of [Coverage Start Date], I am no longer covered by [former health plan] and am now covered by Sana Benefits. Sana is a health plan and commercial TPA and may already be in your system even though it doesn't require specific contracting or credentialing.

Sana offers open access plans, meaning they will process and pay claims submitted by any provider or facility. As a Sana member, this means I can continue to visit my favorite providers without penalties of out-of-network rates. Sana also leases the HealthSmart PPO network so all members have access to those providers. However, if you do not accept HealthSmart, you are still considered "in-network."

Please confirm that you are able to send claims directly to Sana Benefits.

Member Number:
Group Number:
Sana's Payer ID: 50114

Claims can be mailed to:
Sana Benefits
P.O. Box 855
Arnold, MD 21012

To talk to Sana support or to clarify eligibility and coverage, please call (833) 726-2123 or email hello@sanabenefits.com.