COVID-19 Coverage

Updated October 2021

We’ve been with you through the uncertainties of COVID-19, and we remain committed to providing access to the care and coverage you need—when you need it most.

Members age 12 and older are eligible for free COVID-19 vaccinations. As the FDA approves additional age groups and booster shots, they will be fully covered as well.

All COVID-19 testing and services related to testing are 100% free for Sana members. Tests must be either FDA-approved or deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. All charges associated with furnishing tests are currently covered, including in-person or telehealth visits.

Sana will cover and waive all member cost-sharing for treatments received through October 31, 2021. Beginning November 1, 2021, all COVID-19 related treatments for vaccine-eligible members are subject to copays and cost-sharing, as defined in your plan documents.

If your dependent children are too young for vaccination—we've got you! Treatment will remain 100% free, including copays and cost-sharing, with the deductible waived, no matter which Sana plan you're on through March 31, 2022, or until the FDA approves vaccines for their age group.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (833) 726-2123 or send an email to