Elixir Rx Price Finder: Your Guide to Prescription Drug Copays

Did you know you can search prescription drug costs and find affordable alternatives by signing in to your Elixir (formerly MedTrakRx) portal and going to your Rx Price Finder
MedTraxRx is now Elixir. Your portal sign-in credentials remain the same. 
Max Copays
The following are the maximum copays you can expect to pay for medications through Elixir.  
Generic Copay: $10 retail / $20 mail order (three month supply)
Formulary Copay: $30 retail / $60 mail order (three month supply)
Non-Formulary Copay: $55 retail / $110 mail order (three month supply)
Specialty Copay: $55 retail / Mail order not available
Note: The above copays apply to PPO Plus (S, A, and E) plans. Members of PPO Plus HSA (H and HD) plans will owe the full cost of non-preventive medications prior to meeting their deductible, and can reach out to MedTrakRx for an estimate of their pre-deductible drug costs.
Helpful Hints
  • You’ll always pay the lowest copay when you choose the generic option. When clinically appropriate, please consider talking to your doctor about choosing a generic product.
  • You can identify cost, coverage, prior authorization, quantity limits,  and step therapy details in the portal.


Quantity Limits: The maximum covered medication per prescription or defined period of time
Step Therapy: When your plan requires you to first try one medication to treat your medical condition before it will cover another medication for that condition
Prior Authorizations: An additional authorization process conducted by the MedTrakRx team, which is required for certain prescriptions to help ensure the appropriate and safe use of medications for your medical condition(s)
If you have any questions about MedTrakRx copays, please call their dedicated customer service team at (800) 771-4648.
If you have any other questions please feel free to call Sana at (833) 726-2123 or send an email to hello@sanabenefits.com.