Sana Care Ecosystem

At Sana, our promise of affordable and accessible healthcare goes beyond great insurance plans. Our Sana Care ecosystem of world-class health and wellness providers gives members FREE or discounted access to a variety of excellent programs and services designed to help keep you healthy and happy. 


Get personalized, high-quality care from top U.S. medical doctors all from the ease of your
smartphone or computer. We’ve got you covered with accessible, affordable appointments from our best-in-class telehealth partner. Appointments are available through the PlushCare app, web, and by phone. Learn more about PlushCare.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • $99 per visit before the deductible and free after the deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members


Get lab work done through Labcorp, a nationwide network of more than 1,700 patient service centers offering convenient specimen collection and testing. Have your labs done at a Labcorp location or at a doctor’s office and analyzed by Labcorp. Learn more about Labcorp.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • Free after the deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members 

Green Imaging

Save money on your imaging services without sacrificing quality through Green Imaging. Enjoy access to hundreds of locations across the United States where they offer comprehensive imaging and radiology services, including CT, MRI, Mammogram, Ultrasound, PET, Echogram, interventional pain management, and more. Learn more about Green Imaging.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • Free after the deductible, and discounted before the deductible, for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members


Stay healthy and live a more active lifestyle with your free ClassPass membership, giving you access to over 30,000 fitness studios and gyms worldwide. Enjoy open gym time, boot camps, yoga, barre, boxing, spin, and more. You'll also get access to services like massage, cryotherapy, acupuncture, meditation, sauna, etc. Classes are available in the studio, online, and through the app. Learn more about ClassPass.

  • 10 free credits each month for all Sana subscribers and enrolled spouses with the option to purchase additional credits or upgrade your monthly plan through the ClassPass app at a discount

Carrum Health

Launching on August 1, 2022, Carrum Health makes it easier, more comfortable, and less expensive to get the highest quality surgical care at world-class hospitals across the US. Access first-rate surgical care for over 100 procedures including hip, knee, shoulder, spine, heart, and cancer-related surgeries. Most if not all of your surgery costs are covered including lodging and travel if necessary. Learn more about Carrum.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • Free after deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members. The deductible is limited to $1,400 for Carrum services.


Access pelvic floor therapy from the privacy and comfort of home with Bloom. Find relief from often-dismissed health issues related to pelvic disorders, reproductive health, and bowel disorders.
Bloom combines a Pelvic Health Specialist, intravaginal biofeedback sensor, a tailored pelvic-exercise program, and insightful resources to improve pelvic-floor health and function. Get started with Bloom.

  • Free for all Sana members over 18


Get free virtual access to personal health coaches with Vida. Their coaches have proven success in helping with chronic condition management, behavioral health, and lifestyle management. Whether you want to focus on nutrition, weight loss, mental health, or simply building healthy habits one day at a time, your coach will develop a personal plan and guide you every step of the way. Learn more about Vida.

  • Free for all Sana members over 18


Get on-demand access to emotional health coaching, video therapy, video psychiatry, and self-guided content with Ginger. Their programs are clinically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition to their emotional support app, Ginger offers a free online resource center with helpful content produced by Ginger coaches. Therapists are available upon request. Learn more about Ginger.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members — always
  • $119-$249 per appointment and then free after the deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members


Get direct access to nationally recognized elite specialists from the comfort of your home with 2nd.MD. Their team relieves the burden of finding the right specialist, collecting medical records, and navigating the healthcare system, so you can focus on getting the best care possible, as soon as possible. 82% of consultations lead to an improved treatment plan or a different diagnosis. Learn more about 2nd.MD.

  • Free for all Sana members
  • Members of PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plans get up to a $500 deductible credit when they complete their first consultation

Connect DME

Get top-of-the-line, customized medical equipment delivered right to your door with Connect DME! They even do home visits for fittings. This includes joint braces, respiratory supports, breast pumps, diabetic supplies, in-home sleep studies, knee-wheelers, crutches, wheelchairs, and more! If you have a specific brand or model you're interested in, ConnectDME will work to secure that product. Learn more about Connect DME.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members

  • Discounted for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members

Edison Healthcare

Get access to the best doctors and facilities in the country through Edison Healthcare for your pediatric surgery and transplant needs. This service includes complimentary travel and lodging while visiting one of their Centers of Excellence! Sana offers this because we believe when it comes to getting the best care, Sana members shouldn’t be limited by their distance to the nation’s top medical centers. Learn more about Edison Healthcare.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • Free after deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members

Blueberry Pediatrics

Provide your children with quality care from the comfort of home 24/7 and 365 days per year with on-demand telemedicine available through phone, video call, or text through Blueberry Pediatrics. Receive a free medical kit after completing enrollment that contains an otoscope, thermometer, and pulse oximeter to help you and your virtual doctor diagnose conditions quickly and effectively! Learn more about Blueberry Pediatrics.

  • Free for PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members — always

  • Free after meeting the deductible for PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members


Get support throughout every stage of the new parent journey with Maven. They offer virtual, around-the-clock unlimited access to quality care for new and expecting parents. Maven practitioners span 20+ specialties, including mental health, OB-GYN, pediatrics, sleep coaching, lactation support, nutrition, and more. Learn more about Maven.
  • Free for all Sana members over 18 who are pregnant, or up to 6 months postpartum


Enjoy quality house calls for a variety of medical conditions through DispatchHealth. They specialize in treating everything Urgent Care can treat, and more, all in the comfort and safety of your own home! In fact, they can perform 70% of the services at the ER, all without the drive or waiting room. Learn more about DispatchHealth.

  • Free for all PPO Plus (S, P, B, and E) plan members
  • $250 per visit for all PPO Plus HSA (H) plan members before the deductible, and free after the deductible

SWORD Health

Take advantage of no-cost virtual physical care for back, joint, and muscle pain through SWORD Health — the industry's first end-to-end clinical musculoskeletal (MSK) pain management solution designed with busy lifestyles in mind. Consider SWORD Health if you suffer from aching and stiffness, burning sensations in the muscles, fatigue, muscle twitches, pain that worsens with movement, sleep disturbances, and more. SWORD's virtual physical care platform pairs you with a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy and FDA-listed wearable technology. Your Physical Therapist will deliver personalized treatment plans that are more effective, convenient, and affordable than traditional physical therapy. Learn more about SWORD Health.

  • Free for all Sana members ages 13+

Have additional questions for Sana? You can reach us quickly via chat at Monday through Friday, 7 AM–7 PM CST, or at or (833) 726-2123.