Low-Cost Prescription Benefits

Sana believes all members should have access to the prescriptions they need without cost standing in the way. We partner with SmithRx, our Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), to help lower your drug costs.

SmithRx is dedicated to connecting you with the tools and resources needed to lower your out-of-pocket medication costs. This may include using partners outside of your neighborhood pharmacy.

SmithRx Connect is their toolkit of cost-savings programs including:

Patient Assistance Programs
Reduces the cost of expensive specialty medications

Copay Coupon Maximization
Leverages additional savings through preferred pharmacy partners and coupons for branded medications

International Sourcing
Uses a contracted network of international pharmacies to help members obtain medications at a lower cost by dispensing select medications from first-tier countries

SmithRx Assist
Available for policies with a group plan year beginning on or after August 1, 2022, this program automatically applies the best-available generic drug prices at the point of sale

Renewing members must use their new Sana ID Card to access SmithRx Assist pricing at the pharmacy. (BIN: 024368/PCN: 3207). Your old Sana ID card will not be valid and may result in a rejection.

Have additional questions for Sana? You can reach us quickly via chat at sanabenefits.com/chat Monday through Friday, 7 AM–7 PM CST,  or at hello@sanabenefits.com or (833) 726-2123.